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Baby Clothes Dropship

Are you looking to start an online or partyplan business selling childrens clothing?
We deal with some great brands with age ranges from new born to 12years, with a wide range of products. New brands and manufacturers coming on board weekly, providing you with the best dropship childrens clothing products available.

New to dropshipping? What is Dropshipping?
Dropshipping enables you to start your own business without the expensive outlay of holding stock for your website or partyplan business. We hold the stock so you don't have to. See our diagram below to understand how this works.

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Take a good look at our products that you'll be able to sell by clicking here.

You will notice a few things about these products. First of all these are all of the products that will be available when you join. Secondly none of them show pricing information.

Full dropship pricing information is only available when you have joined but to get a rough idea take a look at our sister site Angel Wholesale. The products are the same and show wholesale prices and RRPs (recommended retail prices). The RRP is the price we recommend you sell to your customers at. The wholesale price is what you would pay to Angel Wholesale but you would need to invest upfront and buy a pack (often of 6). The dropship price is approximately midway between wholesale and retail and is the price you would be able to pay here to purchase a single item to sell when you have a customer willing to buy.

As an example if there is a 3 piece girls set with a wholesale price of £5.50 for a pack of 6 on Angel Wholesale, an RRP of £12.99 then the dropship price would be something like £9.25. If you are willing to invest in purchasing stock upfront then you could purchase 6 packs of the 3 piece set for £33.00, sell one at £12.99, make £7.49 profit (57% gross profit) and have 5 more in stock to sell. Using dropshiping you wouldn't need to invest any money upfront in the stock. When you have a customer wishing to purchase one of the 3 piece sets from you at £12.99 you place the order here as a member and make £3.74 profit (29% gross profit).

It is all a question of whether you wish to minimise your investment in stock - in which case dropshiping is for you, or whether you wish to make the largest profit you can - in which case try Angel Wholesale. It might be that a blend of the two works best for you.

If you want to start trading with us you will need to create a membership account and purchase a membership from us here. Once your account has been confirmed by our staff, you will recieve notification that your account is live (normally within 24 hrs).

Once joined
Members will then be able to download our full product list, and gain access to our media directory, where you can download everything you need to sell our products online, pictures, descriptions and prices.

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